Matthew Wilson

Where It All Began

It was the winter of 2001. My father, a professional photographer, was working in his studio. A beer bottle was the subject. I, a mere kid of eight years, approached this bottle during a break to find that it was sweating, as most cold beverages do when exposed to a warm environment. I reached out and touched one of the droplets and came to the realization that the "sweat" was artificial. The droplets were made of glycerin. This was the moment where I became captured (pun intended) by the world of storytelling… and the beginning of my journey into the world of the visual arts.

Bringing Milson Productions To Life

After graduating from Indiana University in 2016, I hit one of the toughest roadblocks of my life. Three months of constant emails, phone calls, handwritten letters and in-person meetings, and I received zero job offers in the media industry. I was very close to giving up, going back to school and taking my life in an entirely different direction. Then, after 88 failed attempts, I was given an opportunity to freelance with Cummins in Columbus, IN (a Fortune 500 company), polishing my technical skillset and meeting professional expectations. This opportunity opened the door for Milson Productions.

If there's any advice I can give to someone looking to pursue their dreams, it's this: NEVER give up on what you're passionate about. I was so close to giving up myself, but thankfully I stuck with it, even when things got extremely difficult.