Promotional Short Film | LIFEDesigns: Make a Choice, Make a Change, Make a Difference

Whenever LIFEDesigns gives me an opportunity to create positive new content, I never pass it up. This short film looks to encourage the world to embrace and accept individuals with disabilities in their lives. These individuals have so much to offer and can open so many doors in your life if you let them.

“Matt is so passionate about the quality of his work! We have used Milson Productions for a few video a photography projects, and each one has exceeded our expectations. Matt is very professional, kind, and has a great deal of experience and knowledge in the field to offer to the project. LIFEDesigns supports people with disabilities, and our projects involved filming interviews with some of our clients. He stepped right in and made everyone feel comfortable during the process and knew exactly how to tell the story we wanted to tell with our video. We so enjoyed working with him, we plan to do a few more projects in the future as well!”

-Stephanie Shelton, Director of Development at LIFEDesigns, Inc.

Promotional Short Film | The Ballet Theatre of Carmel Academy in The Nutcracker 2018

I was so fortunate to work alongside the folks at The Ballet Theatre of Carmel Academy to put this promotional short film together. These young dancers work extremely hard on their craft and it was an honor to showcase their skills.

“Matt’s work is impressive. We had a very tight schedule and little time to allow for creativity. Matt took control of our project and delivered a video that took many elements of a live production and packaged it in a way that was captivating. Thank you Matt for a job well done and we look forward to working with you again!”

-Ashley Heinemeyer, Partner at Ballet Theatre of Carmel Academy

Promotional Short Film | United We Thrive: Employing Individuals With Down Syndrome

This project unquestionably lands in my top 3 favorite works I’ve ever created. Employing individuals with disabilities and paying them for the work they perform is incredibly important in our ever-changing society. It was a blessed experience working alongside Down Syndrome Family Connection to put together this short film.

Matt helped Down Syndrome Family Connection its first video production to improve employment opportunities for persons with Down syndrome. He was a delight to work with over the 2 days of video shoots. His pricing was very reasonable, and he was pleasant, prompt, and responsive to all edits and requests. The community was very pleased with the final product too, and we hope it inspires business owners and employers to take a chance, maybe step out of their comfort zone, and hire someone with Down syndrome.”

-Cyndi Johnson, President of Down Syndrome Family Connection

Wedding Film | “Here Come The Kytes” The Wedding of Jacob & Ashlyn

I’m not going to lie to you, shooting a wedding video by yourself is a VERY TOUGH task. Thankfully all went well and I was able to put together this beautiful wedding video for Jacob and Ashlyn Kyte. The two have a long history together and it was a blessing to see my good friend Ashlyn take the giant leap into the marriage life!

Matt and I were friends in college and I couldn't imagine anyone else doing my wedding video besides him. I got to see his creativity through spring break videos and fun little blogs he made of his friends so it was a no brainer for me. He did so well with our video and was there to capture so much footage including the rehearsal the night before. He didn’t leave the wedding night until his camera was full and couldn’t capture anymore. I’m so excited to see all of the raw footage and have those memories for a lifetime. Thanks Matt! It means the world to us!”

-Ashlyn Kyte, Bride

Promotional Short Film | The Leonard Brothers Band at The Crane Bay Center | Indianapolis, IN

The Leonard Brothers Band is one of the hottest wedding bands in the United States and I, very randomly, was called upon to shoot and edit together their set at the Goodman wedding in Indianapolis, IN. Keven Leonard, one of the Leonard brothers, found my information on a website I had used to promote my older films in college and thankfully reached out. I have to admit, this short film was one of the more fun shoots I’ve ever been a part of, and the Leonard Brothers Band absolutely killed it!

Machinima Short Film | Virus #FortniteBlockbuster

I’m sure you’ve heard of the global phenomenon that is the video game: Fortnite Battle Royale. If you haven’t, google it. In the summer of 2018, Epic Games (creators of Fortnite BR) announced the #FortniteBlockbuster challenge that gave any and all Fortnite gamers the opportunity to put their filmmaking skills to the test. Naturally, I entered the competition, and ended up placing 9th out of thousands of submissions! I am honored to present my Fortnite machinima short film: Virus.