Vibes • Extended Play Record

Three long months of work and I’m proud to share my first EP (Extended Play Record) titled “Vibes”. This 6 song set is all about self-development and positivity. Special thanks to all the producers who shared their instrumentals for this EP.

Music • Singles

This song is about moving past toxic relationships and focusing on living your life to its fullest.

This song is all about living a free-spirited lifestyle, accepting and respecting others, and moving forward with open-mindedness.

Sleight of Hand 101 • Card Trick/Flourish Tutorials

Series Premiere Released: December, 2013

Series Finale Released: June, 2015

Now before you get confused and start asking, “What’s this Jay Nation business all about?” allow me to give you some back story. My full name is Matthew Jay Wilson. When I started the Sleight of Hand 101 series I was going through a phase in my life where I went by my middle name. That has obviously ended, but throughout that period in my life this extremely popular YouTube series took off. How, you might ask, did I get into card magic to begin with? Well, when I was 10 years old I attended a birthday dinner for a close friend. On this occasion, we were served by a magician-waiter. His sleight of hand skill was astonishing and, especially being very young, I was blown away. This moment made such an impact on me that I immediately hit the local library looking of any and all things card magic. A few years later, YouTube was born. This made my search for learning magic easier and much more convenient. The years went by and, as I honed my cardistry skill, I also worked on my filmmaking abilities. Needless to say, the two came together successfully. With over 70,000 subscribers and counting, Sleight of Hand 101 continues to make a sizable impact on viewers all over the world.

Dramatic Narratives

Everyone loves a good dramatic fictitious short film. Here are some of the dramatic narratives I’ve created over the years.